Laenlampi Horse Ranch

Welcome to ride in the pure Lappish nature with magical arctic horses! In our cozy stable, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our friendly horses, dogs, and sheep. We offer a variety of horse-related activities, including trail riding, sleigh rides in the winter, and we also breed Finnish horses. You are also welcome to join our traditional sauna ceremony or experience the tranquility of nature by staying in our glampings.

During your visit, we’ll share fascinating insights into the lives and histories of these magnificent animals. Our location is 30-minutes driving from Santa Claus Village. Sometimes you can meet our horses also in Santa Claus Village!

Season: All year round

Suitable for: Everyone

Opening hours

With reservation every day of the year.
Activities all year around. Accommodation services in spring, summer and autumn.


Sodankyläntie 5733, 97540 Tiainen

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