Auttiköngäs Waterfall & Nature Trail

Auttiköngäs is one of Finland’s most spectacular waterfalls, and the destination offers the peace of a taiga forest. Auttiköngäs’s wonderful day trip destination is about an hour’s drive from Santa Claus Village.

Even the drive along the beautiful Kemijoki river tributary towards Auttiköngäs is an experience. The nature trail that goes to Auttiköngäs takes you over one of Finland’s finest waterfalls. The trail leads you to the peace of northern primeval forests and to an observation tower high on the rock, to look deep into the green of old-growth forests. Auttiköngäs is a great excursion destination, no matter the season. In winter, you can visit Auttiköngäs, for example, on snowshoes.

Suitable for: Everyone


97655 Rovaniemi

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