Santa’s Forest

You can visit the magical Santa’s Forest, full of Christmas trees, following a 2 km guided trail from Santa Claus Village (watch HERE Infomap).

Santa’s Forest was established in the early 2000s, and hundreds of spruce trees of varying age grow there. Planting spruces was originally a Japanese idea.

The nature trail at Santa’s Forest begins at the northwestern edge of Santa Claus Village. Please keep in mind that the path is NOT maintained or cleared after snow has fallen.

During the hike, you will walk along a marked nature trail through mires, marshes, backwoods and dry moorland. Parts of the trail have duckboards. Along the path there are four benches and information boards explaining the surrounding nature. In late summer, an astute and lucky passerby can pick blueberries along the way, which are a common delicacy on this nature trail.

The road ends at the gates of Santa’s Forest. After this, you are free to walk along the undulating gravel path through Father Christmas’s forest. There is a sheltered rest area in the middle of the forest.

Suitable for: Everyone