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Joulupukki TV ( ) is a video, TV, drone filming and social media production company based in Rovaniemi, Finland. Our firm produces tourism and Santa Claus related videos in Rovaniemi and around Lapland in general. From the tourism we have customers companies like Christmas House Safaris or Santa Claus Reindeer Resort , Travel  Pello Lapland,  PorovaaraElectric Snowmobile Safaris, Mrs Santa Claus Christmas Cottage, Santa’s Pets, Santa’s Reindeer Farm and Pello Taxi Lapland

Joulupukki TV also offers aerial TV and video production services in Rovaniemi and has several high-quality drones with required licences and insurances. We have a large experience of producing video images with drones in Santa Claus Village and in Rovaniemi in general. More info HERE. Contact us if you need a TV or video production company in Finnish Lapland.

In addition, Joulupukki TV Oy produces the very popular Santa’s Internet TV Santatelevision : / / which has over 200 million video views. Santatelevision is also producing Santa’s Youtube Shorts. Most of the Santatelevision videos are filmed in Santa Claus Village.

Show reel of Joulupukki TV’s video services in Rovaniemi & Lapland
Santa Claus Village by air video showing the knowledge of Joulupukki TV / Santatelevision in the field of drone filming in Rovaniemi
Santatelevision Youtube channel trail: is the Youtube channel of Santa Claus in Lapland.


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