Wigel – handmade reindeer leather accessories

Wigel is a brand based on Rovaniemi, focusing on reindeer leather accessories. Wigel’s products are made from high, ethically produced reindeer leather in Rovaniemi, respecting nature since 1984. Our roots go back to 1984 with quality, the first generation representative Anna wigelius started manufacturing the products in Utsjoki. Today, our products are made by the hands of second and third generation. Crafts have always been very present in the lives of Sámi people. So it is in our lives also. We have learned our lessons on the apprentice-master principle, just like the Sámi family.

Our factory store is located in the center of Rovaniemi Arctic Design Shop (Valtakatu 24, Rovaniemi). Our products are manufactured in the village of Kivitaipale in Rovaniemi’s countryside.

Suitable for: Everyone


Ryskäpolku 7
97670 Kivitaipale

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