Apukka Shuttle Bus

Apukka Shuttle Bus operates several times daily between Apukka Resort, Santa Claus Village, and Rovaniemi city center.

Everyone can use the Shuttle Bus for any journey between these three locations. Tickets are available to buy in advance on the Apukka Resort website or the bus. Please note that tickets on the bus are according to available seats.

Apukka Shuttle Bus serves guests staying in Apukka Resort when they like to visit Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi city.

You can take the Shuttle Bus to Apukka Resort from Santa Claus Village to experience saunas or have dinner in Restaurant Aitta or Pizzeria Kota.

This is an excellent option also for guests in Rovaniemi city center to visit Santa Claus Village or Apukka Resort.

See the schedule and buy tickets at

Season: Autumn, Spring, Winter

Suitable for: Couples, Everyone, Families

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