Santa Claus Village: exceptional opening hours & days of spring 2022

Santa Claus Village exceptional opening hours & days of spring 2022

LATEST UPDATE: 16.05.2022

CHANGES POSSIBLE. Please verify opening hours & days from companies’ websites.

Arctic Circle Tourist
– Open Monday-Saturday 11h00-16h00, Sunday closed,

Balmuir Store Arctic Circle
– Open Monday-Friday 11h00-18h00 & Saturday-Sunday: 11h00-16h00.
– Additional private opening hours can be arranged.

* open every day of the year, more info

Cafe Restaurant Napatapuli
– Open daily 10h00-17h00.

Christmas House Santa Claus
* MAY: Monday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00
* JUNE-DECEMBER: Monday-Sunday: 10.00-17.00

Elf’s Farm Yard / Tallitontun Piha Napapiiri  :

– Open: 15.4-19.6. 11h00-16h00
– Open: 20.6.2022-6.4.2023: 11h00-17h00
– Open: (24.6. and 24.12. klo 11h00-15h00)
– Additional private opening hours can be arranged.

Glass Resort –
– Hotel and restaurant are currently closed. Hotel opens again 30.09.2022.

Husky Park –
– Open daily: 10h00-16h00.

Iittala Shop
– Open daily: 10h00-17h00

Loft Cafe
– Closed, open again in June.

Marimekko Shop
– Open Monday-Sunday 11h00-17h00

Marttiini Shop :
– Open until 19.6.2022: Mon-Sun 10h00-17h00
– Open from 21.6.2022: Mon-Sun 10h00-18.00
– Open 24.6.2022 10h00-16h00
– Open 25.6.2022 12h00-18h00

Nova Skyland :
– Hotel and Restaurant are open.
– In restaurant lunch on Monday-Friday: 11h00-14h00.
– Dinner everyday 17h00-22h00 (kitchen closes 21h30)

Santa Claus Holiday Village:
– Accommodation available.
– Christmas House’s shop: Open every day 7h30-20h00.
– Christmas House Café-Restaurant: Open every day 7h30-16h00.
Breakfast: 7.30-10.00 and lunch 11.00-14.00.
– Three Elves Restaurant open in May Monday-Saturday 16h00-22h00 (kitchen closes 21h30), Closed on Sundays.

Santa Claus Main Post Office:
– Open daily 10h00-17h00
NOTE: When you leave your letter or postcard with a postage stamp to the yellow postbox next to the main entrance of Santa Claus Main Post Office, they will be stamped with the special Arctic Circle postmark.

Santa Claus Office:
– Open 18.4-24.5.2022 11h00-15h00
– Open 25.5.-21.8.2022 10h00-17h00
– Open 22.8-31.10.2022 11h00-16h00
– Open 1.-30.11.2022 10h00-17h00
– Open 1.12.2022-6.1.2023 9h00-19.00

Santa Claus Reindeer, Restaurant Kotahovi & Christmas Cottage of Mrs. Santa Claus
– Experience the magic of Lapland on a reindeer sleigh ride.
– You can meet Santa’s reindeer in summer starting at the end of May. More information HERE!
–  Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi :
* closed at the moment: View Page
– Christmas Cottage of Mrs. Santa Claus: closed at the moment. MORE INFO:

Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop

Santa’s Gift House
– Open 25.4.-30.5.2022 11h00-16h00. Exact opening hours of June-August will be published soon.
– Santa’s Gifts and Delicacies & Poronpulkka open 21.4.-31.5.2022 12h00-17.00

Santa’s Luxury : 
– Open Monday-Friday 11h00-18h00 & Saturday-Sunday: 11h00-16h00.

Santa’s Luggage storage
– Open Monday-Friday 11h00-18h00 & Saturday-Sunday: 11h00-16h00.

Santa´s Pizza & Burger:
– Open Monday-Sunday:  11h00-18h00.
– In lunch time also a pizza-buffet 11h00-15h00. Sunday, closed
– Drive-In open Monday-Saturday 11h00-18h00. Sunday, closed.

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle                                                                        
–  More info in website.

– Concerning dinners and other services, please visit:
– Inquiries and more information, tel. +358 40 845 3774

Snowman World (included Snow Restaurant, Ice Bar, Café Ensilumi)
– Closed and opens again 6.12.2022. More information :

Shell Napapiiri
– Shell Arctic Circle open 24 hours a day.
– Restaurant open 24/7.
– Breakfast Mon-Sun 5h00–10h00.
– Lunch Mon-Fri 10h30–14h00, Sat-Sun 11h00–15h00.

Snowmobile Park
– Activities available. Booking by phone or on-line:

Wild Nordic Finland / Villi Pohjola 
– Activities can be booked by phone or by e-mail (sales services are working Monday-Friday 9h00-17h00: or via our website