Hotel Metsähirvas

Hotel Metsähirvas offers the ideal accommodation for the discerning leisure or business traveler along the River Kemijoki.

In our hotel, located in Rovaniemi some 25 km south from Santa Claus Village, you will find comfortable and beautifully decorated Scandinavian-inspired rooms that are perfect after a tiring trip. In addition, our extra services ranging from sauna to restaurant will complement this idyllic accommodation experience, providing you with an ideal holiday or business trip.

Our hotel offers also activities from huskyrides to Aurora trips for small groups and individuals!

Located in Rovaniemi, in the beautiful natural landscape of River Kemijoki, our hotel will serve you with the warmth of a family business from the moment you enter through our doors.

Suitable for: Everyone


Toukolantie 49
97130 Rovaniemi

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