Arctic Art Festival 2024 brought art made of snow and ice to Rovaniemi for the pleasure of tourists & locals!

The Arctic Art Festival 2024 was organised successfully for the second time at the Arctic SnowHotel in the village of Lehtojärvi in Rovaniemi, Finland. From January 22-27, 2024, the event featured events and activities related to snow and ice, including an international snow sculpting competition, ice sculpting and fire shows, free entry to Snowman World and its ice disco, and the Arctic SnowHotel.

The Festival was also a great opportunity to bring the unique art to both the thousands of locals of Lapland and travellers from around the world.

The main event of the Festival was the International Snow Sculpture Competition: eight artists from around the world demonstrated with their incredible pieces of art, their creativity with snow and ice. The winner of the competition was the artwork “Blooming”, crafted by Ludo Roders and Oscar Rodriguez.

Winner of the Snow Sculpture Competition: “Blooming” by Ludo Roders and Oscar Rodriguez

One highlight of the Festival was the speed ice carving show, where the competitors had one hour to create a piece of art of from Arctic ice.

The event also offered lots of fun particularly targeted to children including a kick sledging competition, snow tubing, ice carving lessons, and meeting the snowmen of Snowman World.

VIDEO : Arctic Art Festival 2024 in Rovaniemi, Lapland . Produced by Europe Video Productions / Joulupukki TV