You can find at Sága Gifts a wide selection of:

Reindeer Horn Products Shop of Lahjatuote Markku Valkama is located in the historical Roosevelt Cottage next to Arctic Circle line at Santa Claus Village. In our shop you can find all kind of original and high quality reindeer horn related products. Our products are real souvenirs ”Made in Lapland”: they are produced in our own workshop in Rovaniemi.

There is no better Lapland souvenirs than reindeer horn products! We offer FREE HAND-MADE ENGRAVINGS to our reindeer horn products .

You can also order our reindeer horn products online HERE .


Pentik is a family-owned company founded in 1971, and today a versatile design house, with a mission to bring lasting beauty to homes. Our roots are close to the Arctic Circle in Posio, which is also the home of our Northernmost ceramics factory, and much more.

In the Pentik Arctic Circle store you will find ceramic tableware collections and applied art pieces for homes, all made in Posio, Finland. Seasonally changing textile collections and interior decoration items provide inspiration throughout the year. A further reason to visit the store is the Riding the Wind installation by Pentik’s founder, ceramic artist Anu Pentik. The installation consists of hundreds of ceramic seeds covering the roof of the store.

Founded in Rovaniemi in 1928, Marttiini has been making knives to meet the demanding needs of the North for nearly a century. In Marttiini’s internationally renowned knives, first-class materials are combined with practical design and aesthetics inspired by the ruggedly beautiful Finnish wilderness.

In our vast selection, you will find traditional Lapp knives and Finnish puukko knives, kitchen knives, filleting knives, hunting knives, folding knives, and mesmerizing design knives. Marttiini’s knives are fit for many tasks – but they are most at home in the same place their inspiration comes from: the wilderness.

Our stores will always provide you with a free blade engraving along with your purchase.

You can find all our esteemed models in our Brand Store at the Santa Claus Village. Marttiini Brand Stores can also be found at Rinteenkulma Mall in Rovaniemi and at the Senate Square in Helsinki. For online shopping, visit

Lappituote Oy, in Santa’s Gift House in Santa Claus Village, has produced souvenirs for over 30 years and is the leading company in Finland.

Quality materials used in products – reindeer horn, birch, old wood and reindeer leather – carries the Lapland atmosphere all the way back to home. In addition to our own production, we also import quality souvenirs from our long term partners.