Santa’s Express is a bus line that operates between Rovaniemi city centre and Santa Claus Village. It’s operated by bus company Pikakuljetus Rovaniemi Ltd. – a family company founded in 1956.


The company has been driving buses to Santa Claus Village since 1977.

Bus ride between Rovaniemi city centre and Santa Claus Village is a nice and easy way to move around: you can buy the bus tickets either directly from the bus or from Rovaniemi Tourist Information. Bus stops are located within walking distance of city centre’s hotels in the city centre and just next to Santa Claus Village. The bus ride takes approx. 20 min. and you can also take the same bus to SantaPark or to the airport. Welcome aboard!

Our local bus Santa Claus Bus will  take you to the center of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village and to the Rovaniemi Airport. Bus timetables for Santa Claus bus you can find from here: 

Santa Claus Bus e-mail:
Santa Claus Bus Office Phone: +358 40 7249563

Our company Lakkapää Charter also operates buses to Ranua Zoo and Pello.  We provide charter and taxi services throughout Finland to the fell areas of Lapland and to the Nordic countries. With us you can enjoy the Lappish wilderness, Northern lights and many other Lapland activities.  We have vehicles of various sizes for small and large groups.  Find HERE more about information our charter services. 

Lakkapää Charter:
Charter Sales Phone: +358 40 614 9222

Shell HelmiSimpukka Napapiiri serves the best food on the road and offers a wide range of services for drivers. Our station is open 24/7.

On weekdays and Saturdays our expert forecourt attendants are on hand to tend to your car’s needs. The attendant can fill up your tank with V-Power or any other premium fuel of your choice. Our station also features a well-stocked shop and free Helmi WiFi. At our restaurant you can enjoy both hearty traditional meals as well as light bites and snacks. Welcome!

Original taxi in Rovaniemi

Lähitaksi Rovaniemi is an original and traditional taxi in Rovaniemi. We operate in the city of Rovaniemi, but you can travel even further with us. Lähitaksi Rovaniemi is also Santa’s Official Taxi! Welcome to Rovaniemi!

We have also our own elf. He’s name is Tuutio. Tuutio told us the best secret place where you can see the northern lights. You can ask Lähitaksi Rovaniemi drivers if you want to go to Aurora borealis hunting in the middle of the night.

Book a taxi +358 (0)200 88000
(1,92€/call + 0,25€/10s + local network charge)

Apukka Shuttle Bus operates several times daily between Apukka Resort, Santa Claus Village, and Rovaniemi city center.

Everyone can use the Shuttle Bus for any journey between these three locations. Tickets are available to buy in advance on the Apukka Resort website or the bus. Please note that tickets on the bus are according to available seats.

Apukka Shuttle Bus serves guests staying in Apukka Resort when they like to visit Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi city.

You can take the Shuttle Bus to Apukka Resort from Santa Claus Village to experience saunas or have dinner in Restaurant Aitta or Pizzeria Kota.

This is an excellent option also for guests in Rovaniemi city center to visit Santa Claus Village or Apukka Resort.

See the schedule and buy tickets at