Our local bus Santa Claus Bus will  take you to the center of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village and to the Rovaniemi Airport. Bus timetables for Santa Claus bus you can find from here: www.santaclausbus.fi/en and www.airportbus.fi/en

Our company also operates buses to Ranua Zoo and Pello.

Shell HelmiSimpukka Napapiiri serves the best food on the road and offers a wide range of services for drivers. Our station is open 24/7.

On weekdays and Saturdays our expert forecourt attendants are on hand to tend to your car’s needs. The attendant can fill up your tank with V-Power or any other premium fuel of your choice. Our station also features a well-stocked shop and free Helmi WiFi. At our restaurant you can enjoy both hearty traditional meals as well as light bites and snacks. Welcome!

Original taxi in Rovaniemi

Lähitaksi Rovaniemi is an original and traditional taxi in Rovaniemi. We operate in the city of Rovaniemi, but you can travel even further with us. Lähitaksi Rovaniemi is also Santa’s Official Taxi! Welcome to Rovaniemi!

We have also our own elf. He’s name is Tuutio. Tuutio told us the best secret place where you can see the northern lights. You can ask Lähitaksi Rovaniemi drivers if you want to go to Aurora borealis hunting in the middle of the night.

Book a taxi +358 (0)200 88000
(1,92€/call + 0,25€/10s + local network charge)

The Apukka Shuttle Bus runs multiple times daily, connecting Apukka Resort, Santa Claus Village, and Rovaniemi city center.

The Shuttle Bus is available for everyone traveling between these three locations. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the Apukka Resort website or onboard the bus. Please be aware that on-bus tickets are subject to seat availability.

This not only offers our guests a convenient means to reach Rovaniemi city center and Santa Claus Village but also provides an easy way to enjoy a day visit to Apukka. We have a plethora of activities suitable for busy schedules, including short tours and restaurant and sauna experiences.

See the schedule and buy tickets at https://apukkaresort.fi/about-apukka/apukka-shuttle-bus/.