Porovaara Hill is a private and peaceful place, 20 min drive from Santa Claus Village, where you can feel and experience pure nature in many different ways. One option is to drive by silent electric snowmobile to the deep forest surrounded by the peaceful nature and wild animals. After the ride, head to the reindeer fences of our reindeer farm to feed the animals and learn about herding with your guide. You can also spend your night in the forest in sleeping bags made of reindeer hides and experience authentic Lapland while staying in Laavu under the Northern Lights and the starry sky, with reindeer. Book on line our activities: https://porovaara.fi/book/

Experience the electric snowmobile safari of your life!

Do you wish to have Finnish Santa Claus visiting your hometown?

We are a family-owned company from the hometown of Santa Claus – Rovaniemi, Lapland. We have a long experience in the field of Christmas production services here in Finland but all over the world as well. We are specialized in bringing the magical experience and the warm presence of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and their little helpers from Arctic Circle to where ever you wish. Please contact us for further details and together we’ll plan a visit to remember.

Whether you want to try husky sledding, drive a snowmobile, see the magic of northern lights, explore the Arctic nature, or relax in a traditional Finnish sauna, Parpalandia is the place for you.

Parpalandia, located in Rovaniemi some 50 km South-West from Santa Claus Village, is a locally and family-owned company. Our experienced guides will make sure you have the best experience and enjoy your holiday. We focus on providing customer-oriented service and authentic Lappish experiences to our customers. All our tours are designed for small groups or as private tours; and all are operated in the middle of nature, away from the city and mass tourism.

You can book our tours online at: www.parpalandia.com