Embark on an amazing rock adventure!

Pyhäkuru Rock Adventure Park, located 120 km North from Santa Claus Village, offers amazing experiences for all kinds of adventurers. Climb up the steep rock wall, explore the ancient rock formations, cross the gorge on a rope bridge, glide from wall to wall and enjoy the stunning scenery. Feel the mystique of Lapland and the eight seasons at the same time. In the park you can experience the gurgling waterfalls in the spring, beautiful fall foliage and northern lights in the autumn and the exciting adventure in the dark in the light of the headlamp.

We are open in winter too! This is not just an adventure, it is an experience!

Welcome to ride in the pure Lappish nature with magical arctic horses! In our cozy stable, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our friendly horses, dogs, and sheep. We offer a variety of horse-related activities, including trail riding, sleigh rides in the winter, and we also breed Finnish horses. You are also welcome to join our traditional sauna ceremony or experience the tranquility of nature by staying in our glampings.

During your visit, we’ll share fascinating insights into the lives and histories of these magnificent animals. Our location is 30-minutes driving from Santa Claus Village. Sometimes you can meet our horses also in Santa Claus Village!

See one the biggest SnowHotels in the World – Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos in Lehtojärvi Rovaniemi offers unforgettable visiting programmes. The attraction is located some 30 km (25 min drive) from Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. We also offer transfers from Rovaniemi city centre or Santa Claus Village, entrance ticket to the SnowHotel and a guided tour.

During the tour you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit all the rooms of the SnowHotel, Ice Restaurant, Ice Chapel and Ice Bar. If you wish, you can have a drink at the Ice Bar during the tour.

On top of visiting the SnowHotel, you can book a programme including for example dinner, Aurora hunting or a unique Sauna experience with Snow Sauna. www./arcticsnowhotel.fi/

Our local bus Santa Claus Bus will  take you to the center of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village and to the Rovaniemi Airport. Bus timetables for Santa Claus bus you can find from here: www.santaclausbus.fi 

Santa Claus Bus e-mail: airport.toimisto@gmail.com
Santa Claus Bus Office Phone: +358 40 7249563

Our company Lakkapää Charter also operates buses to Ranua Zoo and Pello.  We provide charter and taxi services throughout Finland to the fell areas of Lapland and to the Nordic countries. With us you can enjoy the Lappish wilderness, Northern lights and many other Lapland activities.  We have vehicles of various sizes for small and large groups.  Find HERE more about information our charter services. 

Lakkapää Charter: sales@lakkapaacharter.fi
Charter Sales Phone: +358 40 614 9222

A cozy Christmas themed cottage fox six! Santa’s Cottage is a cozy accommodation option in a beautiful and peaceful location in Sonka village, 30 km away from the Rovaniemi city center and around 37 km from Santa Claus Village.

Santa’s Cottage includes one bedroom with a double bed, well equipped kitchen, a living room with a convertible sofa for two, a loft with beds for two persons, sauna, washing room and a separate dressing room. The fire place in the living room holds a baking oven, and there’s also a cozy and roomy veranda in front of the cottage with a lake view.

The Sukularakka giant’s kettles are located about 30 km south of Santa Claus Village. There are 14 giant’s kettles on the slopes of Sukulanrakka, three of which are incredibly deep and are among the largest in all of Finland. The biggest kettle is located at the foot of Sukulanrakka. It is partially broken, 8m wide and 15m deep. The other two are atop Sukulanrakka, with depths of 9m and 10m. In winter, when the ground is frozen, the site is very difficult to access and visiting the kettles is not recommended.

Giant’s kettles were created approx. 10,000 years ago at edge zones of melting continental ice, as a result of strong meltwater streams. In the meltwater tunnels at the bottoms of glaciers, strongly flowing water carried boulders and stones along, creating the kettles.

The nature of the Arctic Circle Hiking Area is enchanting, just beyond Santa Claus Village. The distance from Santa Claus Village to the hiking area is only 15 km. The stunning rapids of Raudanjoki river, and the Vaattunkiköngäs and Vikaköngäs waterfalls, which run through the area, are just a few steps away. The accessible routes also invite those traveling with prams to enjoy a day outdoors among the rapids surrounded by forest. You can usually walk the trails even in winter. In winter, hikers can also travel via skis or snowshoes to the area’s extensive aapa marshes.

Suitability: well-suited for a day trip for the whole family. Accessible routes.

Auttiköngäs is one of Finland’s most spectacular waterfalls, and the destination offers the peace of a taiga forest. Auttiköngäs’s wonderful day trip destination is about an hour’s drive from Santa Claus Village.

Even the drive along the beautiful Kemijoki river tributary towards Auttiköngäs is an experience. The nature trail that goes to Auttiköngäs takes you over one of Finland’s finest waterfalls. The trail leads you to the peace of northern primeval forests and to an observation tower high on the rock, to look deep into the green of old-growth forests. Auttiköngäs is a great excursion destination, no matter the season. In winter, you can visit Auttiköngäs, for example, on snowshoes.

Villa Lehtoniemi is a magnificent large villa by the lake, surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful landscapes of Lapland. This ecological log villa was completed in 2022. Villa Lehtoniemi holiday home is located only a half-hour’s drive from Santa Claus Village and the centre of Rovaniemi (36 km northwest of the city centre). The lively Lehtojärvi and Sinettä villages (which include for Arctic SnowHotel, husky safaris companies, a supermarket and more) are close to the Villa (10 min. drive).

Thanks to the villa’s many large windows, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery from inside the villa. You can also, for example, see the Northern Lights from any of the five (5) bedrooms. The house has facilities on two floors: the ground floor offers a large kitchen and bedroom with a double bed. The Villa also features a sauna, washroom, dressing room and utility room.

Cozy Villa Lehtoniemi is situated on the banks of the picturesque lake Sonkajärvi. Villa Lehtoniemi has a gently sloping sandy beach and a rowboat. The slope from the cabin to the beach also doubles as an excellent sledding hill in winter.

You are welcome to join us at our own forest base! Our excursions head to the forest in the morning, noon and evening in winter. When the Northern Lights season begins in August-September, we head to the hut in the evenings to hunt for this impressive natural phenomenon.

In winter, at dawn, we can play in the snow, walk in the forest, sled-slide and sit by the fire. Delicious pancakes are baked on the campfire to be enjoyed with berry juice. At the same time, we can let the forest heal us, its healing effects begin after just 7 minutes in the forest.

In the afternoon, the blue moment creates its own light in nature, and in the evening we can see the Northern Lights blazing in the northern sky, if we are lucky. The evening program also includes a safe ride in a snowmobile sleigh deeper into the twilight of the night in the forest.

All programs are run in small groups. Visit Lapland Tours is a family owned business and it cooperates with the family’s restaurants and accommodations. After the safari, would you like a burger at Scanburger?