Development projected supported by EU

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“Santa Claus Village -Year-round International Tourism Centre”  development project supported by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund

The Santa Claus Village Cooperative has received support from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund (Policy/Initiative: SME Competitiveness & Specific Objective: Promoting SME Growth and Internalization) to support a two-year development project that started February 2020. The official name of the project is “Santa Claus Village Year-Round International Tourism Centre.”

The aim of the project is to turn Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi into an international tourism centre year-round, which in the future will become a unified theme-based entity.

Year-round activities allow for an increase in visitor numbers, turnover, overnight stays and year-round jobs.

The aim is to cooperate with urban, rural and programme service providers, which enables entrepreneurs in the sector to become viable and provide year-round employment.

In addition, the goal is for Santa Claus Village businesses to benefit from diverse urban and rural offerings, and the customer flows from Santa Claus Village would also benefit surrounding businesses.

The development of the Santa Claus Village Year-Round International Tourism Centre project targets all of the following:

1. Physical and electrical infrastructure in the area (functional planning)
2. Christmas brand, Year-round Santa Claus Village (Design and pilot programmes)
3. Sustainability, Responsible Business and the Environment (Handbook)
4. Sales and service during the snow season (November to April)
5. Sales and service activities during the snow-free season (May to October)

These five above-mentioned targets are the results of the project-based functional master plan content.

The total budget of the project is 287 580 €, and it comes from the following sources: