Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop Arctic Circle

Santa’s Chocolate and Candy shop brings the best chocolate treats made in Finland to the guests of the city. Shop is under renovation: New opening 2.11.2019.  The Shop will only sell the products made by the famous Finnish confectionery manufacturer Fazer. Fazer was founded in 1891 in Helsinki by Karl Fazer and even today Fazer’s confectionery products are still made in Finland from the purest ingredients. Over the years Fazer products have truly become the embodiment of Finland. The new shop is situated in the heart of Santa Claus Village. You find it on the second floor a log house at the northern end of the Village and it is open daily.

  • Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop Arctic Circle
  • Address: Joulumaantie 2 B, 2nd floor, 96930 Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, Finland