Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop Arctic Circle

The newly opened Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop is the place satisfy your chocolate and candy cravings as well as fill up Santa’s bag for Christmass. The shop is situaded in the log house in the northern end of Santa Claus Village. Stepping into the shop is just like stepping into a fairytaile, and not only because of chocolate! The shop’s unique design will remind you of the very reason why you are visiting Rovaniemi – to experience true magic! As the name stands, Santa’s Chcolate and Candy Shop’s goal is to bring the best chocolate treats to the guests of the city. One of the main brands represented by the shop is the Finnish confectionery manufacturer Fazer. Fazer is truly the most iconic brand that Finland have ever produced. The company was founded in 1891 in Helsinki by Karl Fazer and over the years Fazer products have truly become the embodiment of Finland. Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, wrapped in blue, has cultivated a legendary status since it was launched in 1922 and it was ranked as the country’s most valued brand in 2017. Even today Fazer’s products are still made in Finland from the purest ingredients. At Santa’s Chocolate and Candy shop you will find an extensive range fo Fazer products as well as confectionery products and chocolate from other quality brands. All gifts bought at the shop shall receive Santa’s unique stamp to certify that they were purchased on the Arctic Circle in Finland, and to remind you of your trip to Lapland. Take with you the sweet memories from Rovaniemi!

  • Santa’s Chocolate and Candy Shop Arctic Circle
  • Joulumaantie 2 B, 96930 Arctic Circle
  • Address: Joulumaantie 2 B, Log house in the Northern end of Santa Claus Village
  • TEL: +358 40 1207900
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