Santa’s Forest: join climate action with Santa Claus

You can visit the very 1st Santa’s Forest following a 2 km guided trail from Santa Claus Village (watch HERE Infomap).

We here in Santa Claus Village want to do our part to curb climate change and invite you to join the climate action. Our own goal is to be a carbon-neutral destination by 2025.

Santa’s Forest is a project where each of us can contribute to the fight against climate change. We would like to challenge you, the reader, to take part in climate action, and for as little as € 10 you can offset the carbon footprint of a medium-haul flight in the Santa’s Forest store, for example.

Santa’s Forest has chosen tree planting as a way to mitigate climate change and plant all its trees in the Arctic, with their compensatory effect focused on particularly sensitive Arctic nature. At the same time, we employ young people in our area to plant trees.

Come along to make an impact, see you at