Santa Claus Village’s Summer Season 2024 Opens with Sunshine and Sustainability

In June, the Midnight Sun season began at the Arctic Circle, and to celebrate, the Santa Claus Village hosted the grand opening of the summer season on June 15-16, 2024. The event’s special guests were businesses and associations from the rural areas of Rovaniemi. Ten market stalls showcased the true essence of Lapland, its pure nature, and circular economy. Visitors enjoyed delicious Lappish delicacies and admired exquisite local handicrafts.

Artisan Päivi Björkberg from Rovaniemi-based Aleksimo presented her ceramic products.

The event, which was mostly blessed with sunny weather, featured performances by music virtuoso Matti Korva, who played the accordion and kantele, and even introduced visitors to the art of playing the saw. The weekend’s cheerful atmosphere was further enhanced by musical performances from the local women’s choir Vocaliisat and the band Sinetän Bändi.

Rovaniemi-based music virtuoso Matti Korva demonstrates the art of playing the saw to visitors at the opening of Santa Claus Village’s summer season. Photo by Santatelevision

Santa Claus Village’s partner, Pidä Lappi Siistinä Ry / Keep Lapland Tidy Association, educated tourists and locals about the importance of recycling. They demonstrated how visitors and local tourism businesses can act sustainably and respectfully towards the fragile Arctic environment in an entertaining manner.

Pidä Lappi Siistinä Ry / Keep Lapland Tidy Association. Photo: Joulupukki TV
Rovaniemi-based MaRou
Anuna from Muonio
Lapin Villiyrtit Oy / Vojal Beauty of Lapland
Ikifood and Napapiirin villiyrtit.
Kivalo Design from Rovaniemi