Arctic Marathon and Arctic Circle Dog Show gathered people from all over the world to Santa Claus Village in April

April 2022 was a busy time for special events at Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Marathon is part of the Wild Marathon family of marathons that take place around the world. The Arctic version of the race was run for the first time in Rovaniemi on April 3, 2022 in excellent winter conditions.

The marathon and the variety of side programmes offered alongside it gathered dozens of participants from eight different countries. The runners and their supporters were very excited about the marathon and side event experiences.

Santatelevision video of the unique Arctic Marathon in April 2022

The next weekend (April 10) saw the Arctic Circle Dog (Napapiirin koiranäyttely) Show at Santa Claus Village. This was a spring event featuring Lapland dogs, in which three breeds of Finnish and Swedish Lapland reindeer dogs were presented. The dog show gathered hundred people from the dog industry from Finland and Northern Scandinavia.

         Arctic Circle Dog Show gathered in Santa Claus Village the friends of Lappish reindeer dogs

The feedback from both events was very positive, and Santa Claus Village has reason to be optimistic that these and similar events will continue to take place at the Arctic Circle in the future. From a practical standpoint, these events also demonstrated the great facilities that Santa Claus Village offers for organising a variety of events, and how strongly the Arctic Circle itself can help event organisers brand and sell events.

        Throughout the year, the Arctic Circle fascinates event organisers across Europe.