Lapland interior design house Pentik opens a store in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle!

Finnish interior design house Pentik opened its brand new store on Friday, February 18, 2022, in Rovaniemi at Santa Claus Village. The store’s selection is unique and tailored to meet the needs of visitors to Santa Claus Village, one of Finland’s leading tourist destinations. The functional and artistic ceramics for sale are manufactured at Pentik’s factory in Posio, about 130 km from Santa Claus Village. The store also offers up-to-date, seasonal interior textiles and souvenirs that are easy to take home. The store is located in the main building of Santa Claus Office, right next to Santa himself.

The store was opened in the Arctic winter morning by Riikka Wulff, CEO of Pentik, and Anu Pentik, the company’s founder and renowned ceramic artist. The nature of Lapland has always been an inspiration for Anu Pentik, and Finnish nature is strongly reflected in the selections and materials chosen for the Rovaniemi store. Anu Pentik herself designed and manufactured a number of works of art for the new store. Among other things, the roof of the store is decorated with part of the Lentoon installation she designed.

Santa Claus Village is also working hard to implement the principles of sustainable tourism. This is reflected in many ways in the new Pentik store, which has made extensive use of recycled materials. The cashier desk, for example, is made with pieces of discarded ceramic from the Pentik factory, and the display tables are made from floorboards collected and restored from demolished and renovated houses in Posio.

Pentik’s new stylish store, located in Santa Claus Village right next to Santa himself, was opened on Friday, February 18, 2022 with a warm atmosphere by Pentik’s founder, ceramic artist Anu Pentik (left) and Pentik CEO Riikka Wulff (right). At Pentik’s new store, recycled materials have been used in the store furniture in many ways.