Arctic Football Heart: new documentary about Santa’s football team RoPS Rovaniemi released

View the new fascinating documentary, called Arctic Football Heart, about Santa Claus’ football team RoPS Rovaniemi and its supporters in Finnish Lapland. The documentary is filmed in 2020-2021 and focuses on the 70th anniversary of RoPS in 2020.  Many scenes of this documentary series have been filmed in Santa Claus Village .  The last filming  of the series, made by a team Joulupukki TV’s  Lapland-based professionals, was done in November 2021. Arctic Football Heart is above all a timeless story of people and community in extraordinary times. It’s also a series about the true values and meaning of football and sports to communities.

This production is the international version of Sinivalkoisella sinnikkyydellä, which was released on Finland’s leading SVOD service RUUTU in June 2022. The international version, published in channel belonging to Santatelevision,  has English narration as well as multilingual subtitles. Zurab Tsiskaridze acts as narrator of series: Georgian born Tsiskaridze was one of the captains of RoPS Veikkausliiga (Finnish Premier League) team in the 2020 season. Joulupukki TV’s CEO Tommi Lappalainen, who directed and produced the series, states that Zurab (as he is known in Rovaniemi), succeeded in his new role in a very exemplary manner. According to Lappalainen, positive feedback from Finnish viewers of the series encouraged Joulupukki TV to create the international version, which, though YouTube, can be viewed in almost every corner of the world.